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Main Crew

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Cat Watson is currently completing her MA Filmmaking degree at The London Film School. Originally from Washington D.C., Cat has made a name for herself working in every department in every part of the entertainment industry from advertising to music video to live event to short and feature film. She has worked with celebrities such as Orlando Bloom and Charlie Sheen. Now she has set her sights on becoming a strong female horror director beginning with this amazing short.

Director of Photography

Anthony has always loved films, since being captivated by the tales of Disney as a child he has enjoyed the visual format of storytelling and the freedom that comes with it. He originally wanted to become a screenwriter, though after graduating with a First from Southbank University in (BA Hons) Digital Filmmaking, he fell in love with the technical and practical aspects of filmmaking. He then continued his education at The London Film School where he realised that Cinematography was what he really loved when it came to the filmmaking process. The intricacies, detail and creativity needed to bring a story to life and do it justice through the different visual means while working together with the Director and crew is what filmmaking is.

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